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Ultrafast lasers and Attosecond Science

“LASER”, the immediate picture striking our mind after hearing this word is most likely a Sci-Fi movie weapon. In reality lasers serve a lot more than just to entertain us. In today’s world we encounter lasers either directly or indirectly so often that we do not even realize how much we are surrounded by lasers. They are a major tool used by the modern world for numerous industrial processes and helped to unravel fundamental concepts of science. …

The image shows a Schnitzel decorated on a plate, surrounded by potatoe salad and decorated with a slice of lemon. 0

Can I fry a Schnitzel using a terawatt laser?
and how long does it take?

Multiterawatt lasers can indeed supply radiation with a power that equals a dozen nuclear power plants – combined! But can we abuse this technology to quickly warm up food? Can I heat up some eggs without instantly pulverizing them? Could I use such a laser to achieve a nice crust on my crème brûlée? And how long does it take?…

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